stone worktop in bathroom

Luxury Bathroom

If you have money to spend, bathroom is the best choice to use your hard-earned cash on. Bathroom can be considered the most important and representative part of the house, right beside the kitchen when it comes to the costs of finishing and decorating.

If you have a lot of spare income on your bank account, you might be interested in the designs provided by Zillow website. Yeah, those prices are correct, but if you have so much to spend, you shouldn’t be thinking about saving.

What are the most crucial elements of a luxury bathroom? First of all, the floor and wall finishing is made of the highest quality materials that cannot be found in the first store you come into. Stones or decorative plasters are very popular choices, as they demand skill and precision only true experts have and every decor of that kind is unique.

Secondly, luxurious materials used for amenities and equipment. We guarantee that using a stone bathroom worktop instead of some cheap artificial one will improve the looks.

Thirdly – the best pipes and faucets possible. You don’t want to destroy the carefully designed looks with cheap plumbing!


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