house wood fence

Designing the outside

Interior design is one thing, but what about additions in your garden or driveway? When you deal with house design, you cannot forget about exterior, as it is probably the first thing your guests see when they visit. What’s more, if you build your new house, you have to plan the looks of exterior before the foundations are set up to make it truly exquisite. Thus, when you order a project of your new home, be sure to include the exterior design as well, at least in a brief form.

If you only redesign an existing building it is also crucial to make sure that the exterior harmonizes perfectly with your new idea. Think for a while what type of garden (for example French or English) will suit the overall looks better. What types of amenities you wish to place there and where exactly? Do you need an outside grill? Do you have enough room for a wooden terrace? What about the patio? Maybe your old pond needs a huge refurb? All those things must be considered BEFORE you try to create a completely new household design! You can always seek for inspiration. Esteemed Houzz website might give you some ideas.


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