Using colours in your interior

Using a right colour, that will invoke proper feelings is one of the most crucial things to consider when you prepare your own interior design. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right one. We’ve enumerated the most distinct characteristics of some popular hues below.

White – one of the most used colours in interior design, and it shouldn’t be surprising – it is clean, easy on the eye and creates optical illusion that enlarges the space it is used in. But it is better when combined with other hues, as too much white makes the whole interior look more like a hospital than a comfy home.

Black – too much black colour can burden the whole space, but when it is used skillfully, it adds a lot of glamour and sophistication.

Green – calming and considered the most natural. It is great to use in living rooms and bedrooms due to great balance it prvides.

Red – very stimulating and warming, but it cannot be used as a sole décor of the interior, as it may induce aggression when there is too much of it.

Yellow – sunny, happy colour that provokes playful behavior. As all other colours, it shouldn’t be used as an only colour in the interior, as excessive yellow can make everything dull.


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