Small accents in the interior

When you think of an interior design, first thing that comes to mind is a large scale project, with furniture, wall painting, advanced technical devices and other commodities that are clearly essential for the whole vibe of the interior.

But what many people can’t remember is the fact that even the smallest accents and additions can completely change the atmosphere and the looks of a given space. You don’t have to make a full refurb to achieve astonishing effects guys!

Let’s say you have a classically arranged interior – you’ve got rustic furniture, calmly painted walls… You’ve even invested in some well-chosen flowers in beautiful antique vases! But there’s something missing. There should be a detail somewhere that will make the whole arrangement work better.And there are some solutions to this problem.

First of all, you can try using gadgets “of the epoque” – an old telephone here, a stylized picture there. It’s a very standard move, but it is also effective. You can also try using some more unique solutions – for example, mix the classic interior with modern details that will contrast it, yet won’t destroy the vibe. You can also try using classic decorative elements that are specifically stylized to fit modern interiors – like hand made cushions, quilts and other sofa accessories, for example.


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